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The Languages of the Underground was founded on many forms music like Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rap, House Music, Spoken Word, and dance. Not only we express ourselves through these different styles of music, but also through fashion and urban art (graffiti).

Hip Hop is base on all these things I just mention developing the visual and sound of our expression. Like for instants Jazz on how they told a story through the sounds of their instrument dazzling you with the groves & melodies. And R&B on how the artist told stories to the sounds of what they heard putting their lives relating to what they adore.

Leads to Pop Music creating dance to techno sound to create a great performance for people to enjoy and mimic as they leave.

Then we fail into rap showing a display of word play to deliver message and stories on the sample sounds that we inherit from our fore fathers and mothers that had led the way. So then we move on to house music where DJs display the work of art of turn table mixing musical sound for those who just like to dance expression their joy for music.

In addition spoken word is poetry in its purest form with no music but a reach out hand for you to listen and understand that I do to have something to offer.

Now we have the blueprints of the culture fashion and urban art. The fashion is self-explanatory liberating our originality, style, (mogo), that took world by storm. Which carries us to the urban arts call graffiti that we see all over the walls of the city. In addition to this the worlds favorite the body language of dance like braking, crunkin, footwork, stepping, ballroom dancing, and many more form arts of dancing that is mix in performing.

The languages of the underground is a sign of freedom to be ourselves in all shapes, forms, or fashion. This place is an outlet to show beauty within ourselves that we keep hidden away from our so call steady lives. Therefore the underground is a place where you can show how you really feels and people will listen to what to what you have to say.
These languages produce and build self-confidence and pride for all individuals race, creed, or color. The underground don’t preach or teach hate or segregation, but only love, truth, and devotion to who we are or want to be. And also the underground carries a sense of style, karasma, personality, and respect to each other. Therefore this is place provides us with a language to unify the people and give a better understanding to us as a whole. The word language means the style and the way you express yourself. And the word underground is a world that allow us to be our true selves. The word is born and it on a universal scale all over the world. And the language of the underground will keep growing and evolving through time.


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